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Seth was very helpful in handling my needs with my divorce. He was very informative on how the process would go and how long it would take. He kept me abreast of the progress and sent updates as it went along.
His pricing was very reasonable and he made the entire thing painless. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dependable, honest and efficient attorney.
— Sue P.


A child can be a blessing in this world, but unfortunately the person you had the child with may not be so much of a blessing. In any case, the parent of a child has rights. If you are unable to agree to a co-parenting schedule, then you may need to have the court resolve that issue. If the other parent is withholding custody of your child from you, then you may need to have the court resolve that issue. If you simply want a custody schedule that doesn’t change weekly or that you can enforce, then you may need to have the court resolve that issue.

The goal is always to resolve all child custody disputes by finding what is in the best interests of the child or the children. A fellow attorney told me years ago that the court resolves parenting issues when the parents are unable to do it themselves. That said, parenting issues should be mutually decided upon, and should not be based on who can yell the loudest.

As a family law practitioner, I am committed to educating my clients about their rights and assisting them with resolving their custody dispute in the most cost effective way. If you are having a dispute with the other parent of your child then we at The Law Office of Seth Eric Springer, Esquire are here to help you. Contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can set up a consultation with you to discuss your rights and formulate a plan with you going forward.