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Seth was very helpful in handling my needs with my divorce. He was very informative on how the process would go and how long it would take. He kept me abreast of the progress and sent updates as it went along.
His pricing was very reasonable and he made the entire thing painless. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dependable, honest and efficient attorney.
— Sue P.


One of the reasons I obtained a Masters of Taxation on top of my law degree is because I recognized that the various levels of government tax nearly everything, and it was very important as a financial matter to know what is taxable and what is not taxable. Throughout the time I have been a tax practitioner, I have been able to resolve issues for clients in front of various taxing authorities, and I have gained an understanding of how to avoid (not to be confused with evade) tax liability. The laws of the United States of America allow a person to arrange their finances in such a way that minimizes their tax liability, and I pride myself in assisting my clients to develop strategies to minimize their tax liability.

You were likely surprised, maybe shocked, if you have ever received a notice from a tax authority, whether it was from the Internal Revenue Service, the Commonwealth or your local municipality. The most common response I hear from clients is “how are they allowed to say that I owe them this money”, and most people are filled with an uncertainty as to what to do next or how to do it. Just because a governmental entity or taxing authority says that you owe them money doesn’t necessarily make it true. There may be something that you forgot to report to that entity or authority. If it seems clear that you do owe a certain amount to a entity or authority, then there may be a way to negotiate a lesser amount with that entity or authority.

If you are looking to engage in a large financial transaction, whether it be a business or a personal matter, or if you have been contacted by a governmental entity or taxing authority regarding an amount of money they allege you owe, then we are here to help. At The Law Office of Seth Eric Springer, Esquire we are here to assist you with resolving any tax issues you may have or tax planning that you may want to discuss. Contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can set up a consultation with you to discuss your rights and formulate a plan with you going forward.